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    Fort Huachuca, AZ Museums

    The Henry F. Hauser Museum interprets, researches and shares with the public the natural and cultural history of the Sierra Vista area. Exhibits of artifacts such as photos, journals, maps, government documents, and oral histories are on display.

    The Fort Huachuca Historical Museum tells the history of the fort and of military involvement throughout the southwest through thousands of objects, artifacts, and dioramas.

    The Fort Huachuca Army Intelligence Museum displays the history of Army intelligence dating back to 1775. Exhibits include early code machines, early unmanned aircraft from Fort Huachuca itself, and a large piece of the Berlin Wall.

    The Amerind Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in 1937 for the purpose of educating and understanding the culture and history of Native Americans, as far back as the last Ice Age to present day.


    The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures features over 15,000 square feet of space full of miniature "time machines" or recreations of historical scenes or even just imagined spaces. There are over 275 houses and room boxes, examples of international miniature collections, and some that are purely for fun.

    The Pima Air and Space Museum displays over 300 historical air- and spacecraft, making this one of the world's largest air and space museums. Exhibits include a hangar of World War II aircraft, a space gallery with an Apollo training capsule, and rare and unusual craft such as the only remaining Martin PBM-5A "Mariner" and the North American F-107.

    The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum strives to preserve and foster love and understanding for the Sonoran Desert region of Arizona. There is a zoo featuring over 200 types of animals and over 1200 plant species, a botanical garden with 2 miles of desert walk-through pathways, an art gallery, aquarium, and natural history museum.

    The Titan Missile Museum is the last of the 54 Titan II missile sites in the U.S. leftover from the Cold War nuclear threat era. Tours of the complex range from the one hour launch duct observation and underground simulation of missile launch to the 5 hour tour which visits all 8 levels of the silo.