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    Fort Huachuca, AZ Local Information

    Fort Huachuca is located in Sierra Vista, Cochise County, Arizona. Sierra Vista has a population of 43,900. Nearby communities are Huachuca City (population 1,890), and within half an hour to an hour away are Tombstone (1,380), Hereford (6,540), and Benson (5,000). The closest major city is Tucson, with a population of 534,300, which is about 75 miles northwest of base.

    Local Housing Rental Prices: The average apartment rent in the Sierra Vista area ranges from $510 to $915 per month, with a median of about $680 per month.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices:
    The average price for a house in Sierra Vista is about $207,000, compared to $168,800 for Arizona.

    Short Description of the Area: Sierra Vista is part of the Sierra Vista-Douglas Micropolitan Area, which has a population of about 129,500. It is in the very bottom, southeastern corner of the state, just above the Arizona-Mexico border and just west of the Arizona-New Mexico state line. The Huachuca Mountains surround the area to the west, and the city sits at an elevation of 4,633 feet above sea level.

    Climate and Weather: Fort Huachuca and the surrounding area have a mostly dry climate, though the North American Monsoon can hit during July and August and deliver much of the year's annual precipitation, which in total is about 16 inches. The average high temperature for July is 93 degrees Fahrenheit, with a low of 65 degrees. January's average high temp is 62 degrees and has a low of 34. Snow is very rare here.